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Here is a list of inspiring local business people that Tim has interviewed who all have a great story of where they come from and the trials and tribulations of running a business or organisation. The videos often show a different side of someone that you may not have seen before that is sometimes raw and vulnerable and a great insight into what it takes to run a business.

iTim #1 Sam Scapari – Bicaro’s Restaurant

iTim #2 Shirley Saywell – Brady & Kibble

iTim #3 Vic Bovalino – VAB

iTim #4 Paula Dohrman – Paintright Walls and Windows

iTim #5 Mark Librio – Lights Plus

iTim #9 Glenn Irvine – MB & M

iTim #13 Scott Butler – Stockdale & Leggo

iTim #6 Josh Sleeth – Market Meats & Rebound

iTim #10 Troy Tremellen – VI.PT Training 

iTim #14 Anita McCurdy – The Foyer

iTim #7 Angelo Poppa – GV Hydralink

iTim #11 Cam Mangiameli – Woolshed

iTim #15 Geoff Alemand – Shepparton Heritage Centre 

iTim #8 Helen Tricarico – HOTI

iTim #12 Mark Reister – Pillar Real Estate

iTim #16 Dale Wright – Talking Straight

iTim #17 Steve Ayton – The Man’s Walk

iTim #18  Paul Brown – Xpresso Mobile Cafe

iTim #19  Ken Stevenson – Lekeal Homes

iTim #20  Mat Innes-Irons – The Milkbar

iTim #21 Chris Smith – Community Leader

If you or someone you know would like to be considered to be interviewed to help promote their business or have an interesting story, feel free to email us.  We will then reach out to them.

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