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PBXaaS (PBX as a service) is just one option you have with the latest technology in phone systems. A PBX aaS offers affordable, advanced telephony features that do away with on-site PBX hardware, phone lines and cabling. Because your entire phone system runs in the cloud, deployment and ongoing management is a breeze.


Features of PBXaaS phone system include:

  • Call transfers with music on hold
  • Interactive voice response menus
  • Caller ID and routing
  • Inbound queue with optional wait time and position announcement
  • Voicemail delivered to email as well as call to pick up
  • The main number and a directed number for each user
  • Multiway video and audio conferences
  • 1800 and 1300 numbers
  • Routing to phone lines and mobiles
  • Integration with external systems
  • Remote call pickup
  • Optional call recording and archiving
  • Multiple site support with free internal dialing across sites
  • Other features

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