When was your website last updated? Never? More than five years ago? If that’s your answer, then it’s most likely time for an update and to seek the advice of a web design expert to help you out. 

The team here at Creative Business Solutions are experts in providing web design services for businesses throughout Victoria including Shepparton, Yarrawonga, Bendigo, Albury, Echuca, Benalla and rural Victoria. To help you identify the tell-tale signs that it’s time to update your website, we have put together a helpful guide below.

Web design in 2022: is your site mobile-friendly?

These days, most of us will simply reach for our mobile phone when we need to Google something, rather than opting for our computer. This is why it is crucial that when you’re considering your web design, it must be optimised for mobile. In terms of SEO, Google will not favour your website if it is not mobile-friendly. Similarly, potential customers visiting your site will most likely turn away if they can’t easily use your site on their mobile.

Good web design also means regularly updated content

Was your website built a few years ago and has barely been touched since? This could be another aspect letting you down. Users can tell if a website is up to date and so can search engines. Ensure you take a look at your site regularly and update any relevant information. Including a blog is also extremely beneficial for ensuring your site is constantly updated with fresh content.

Is your web design simply not looking the part anymore?

This is a pretty straight-forward one. Go have a look at your site and compare it to both competitors and other businesses or brands you admire. Is your site still looking modern and fresh? Or can you instantly tell the web design was created a few years ago and hasn’t been revamped since? If you’re not sure, a web design expert can assist you in identifying whether the look and feel of your site is a little outdated and offer quick solutions to fix this.

Is your website slow?

This is another important point that will impact both the user experience of potential clients as well as affecting your organic search rankings. A slow website will deter users away, people simply do not have time to wait for pages to load. Similarly, Google will not favour your site if it is not loading quick enough. You can check your website’s speed online and a few ways to speed it up include reducing the CSS and optimising images.

Consider a web design update today

If you require web design services in Shepparton, Yarrawonga, Bendigo, Albury, Echuca, Benalla or rural Victoria, be sure to get in touch with our team to discuss your website revamp goals today.


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